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Cork residents who are considering getting out and joining a gym this holiday season – and after the New Year – will want to think about all the various types of activities they could do. What are some of the biggest fitness trends that you are likely to see?

Cardio is either a word you love or a word you hate. Some of us wake up early and while the sun is ushering in a new day, we are burning calories on foot, a bike or moving in some other active way. For others, the sun is rising and they are snoring and firmly planted in dreamland.

People often wonder why it is so hard to stay focused on reaching fitness goals and why it is so easy to get off track. Have you ever felt that way? Having someone personally interested in helping you reach your personal fitness goals can give you the encouragement you need to keep on going and not to give up. Having a personal trainer is like having a personal coach. They are there to help you stay focused and improve. They invest themselves in your fitness success. They can help you in a number of different ways.