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The Top Ways to Lose Weight at the Gym

The Top Ways to Lose Weight at the Gym

The Top Ways to Lose Weight at the Gym

For those who rarely (or never) visit a fitness centre, it can be challenging to decide what machines to use and what exercises to focus on to lose weight. Then you also must think about the number of sets to do, how much weight to use, and what type of cardio is best to lose weight. All of this combined can be pretty overwhelming, but the tips below are designed to help.

Try Sprinting

Whether you run outside or inside on a set of stairs or a treadmill, this is a great way to burn calories quickly. There’s no equipment needed besides a good pair of running shoes, and the activity can be done anywhere you happen to be. It’s a simple exercise that can burn even more calories if you ramp up the intensity or speed.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) offers a well-rounded workout while burning plenty of calories and fat. This kind of workout can vary since you can choose the intensity as well as what variation of exercises you would like to focus on. Pair a cardio element with a body-weight movement and weighted movement, and you will be on your way.


All you have to do is look at a rower to see how well it can improve the body. Roving incorporates use of the upper and lower body in low-stress exercises as far as your ligaments and joints are concerned. Even a moderate pace on a rowing machine can burn off tons of calories. Those with a higher intensity can only increase the fat burning possible.


With swimming, you get a workout of your entire body as soon as you step in the water. You’re pushing against gravity, so your muscles work to keep you afloat the entire time you are in the water. However, type of stroke also matters. A butterfly stroke gets rid of more calories than a breaststroke, for example.

Not sure where to stay with losing weight in the gym? Try the exercises above to drop the pounds more quickly. You may be surprised how much of a difference it can make in just a few short weeks or months.

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