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HIIT Training Could Be the Perfect Workout for Your Goals

Is HIIT The Perfect Workout?

HIIT Training Could Be the Perfect Workout for Your Goals

Whether you are an athlete or just someone who wants to get into better shape, there are some workouts that are going to work better for you than others. One of the most popular, and honestly one of the most effective, is HIIT. HIIT is not a special program per se, but rather a way of working out. It stands for high-intensity interval training, and it is something that you could do at your Galway gym.

HIIT  type of training is relatively simple to understand. When training, you will do short bursts of exercises performed at the max capacity. These could be crunches, springs, planks, or nearly any other type of exercise. You will perform the exercise for between 30 and 45 seconds and then take a short break – just enough to catch your breath. Then you move on to the next exercise. By the time the workout is at an end, you are sure to feel it.

Why has HIIT become so popular, especially in recent years? There are a few reasons. First, many people do not have as much time to work out as they wish they did. They might only have half an hour to dedicate to workouts, and they want to make the most of that time as possible. These HIIT workouts tend to be shorter, so they are easier to fit into a busy schedule. In addition, and perhaps the biggest reason for their popularity, is that they are going to produce results, even though you are spending less time in the workout.

You can find many variations and types of HIIT programs that you can try, and they can make a massive difference in your workouts. They may not be the only program that you follow, but interval training should be a part of most peoples’ training regimens.