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Circuit Training for Beginners

Circuit Training for Beginners

When you work out, do you want to see results? Some of us work out but we do the same exercises over and over again. Did you know that that is not the most effective way to sculpt your dream body? Muscles like to be used in a variety of ways to build bulk and flexibility. A workout routine that includes a variety of different exercises is a much better way to tone and strengthen your entire body. How can you add variety to your workout? You can include circuit training and diversify your workout.


What Is Circuit Training?


These classes are great for toning from head to toe. It is usually a class environment with 8 to 10 stations set up. Each class is different, so you do not do the same exercises over and over. Because of this, you cannot predict what type of workout you will have. We hope you like surprises! One example of exercise is planking. Planking is when your body stays parallel to the ground, but you support yourself in the air with your forearms and tips of your toes (or knees for a modified version). Another exercise is weighted squat walks. This is when you carry a weight and do squats as you walk. You spend a short time at each station and then rotate to another station once that time is up.


How Many Calories Can I burn?


We work out so we can lose weight. With any exercising, we can expect to burn off a certain number of calories. Some claim that in a circuit class you can burn 500 calories. In an extreme circuit with 22 stations, you may be able to burn up to 800 calories per session. Wow, that is a lot of calories!


The next time you are at the gym, find out if they offer circuit training and give it a go!