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8 Essential Upper Body Exercises for Women

8 Essential Upper Body Exercises for Women

For women, being in great shape isn’t just about having a rockin booty and legs, a toned upper body is certainly just as important.

Here at Planet Health, we’ve compiled 8 of the most beneficial exercises for women, not only aesthetically, but for mobility and functionality too.


#1 Bent Over Row

Row variations are without a doubt a must-have in your workout regime. Not only do rows create a toned back to show off in your fav little black dress, but they also work between your shoulder blades to create improved posture.


#2 Bench tricep dips

Dips belong to a classification on exercises known as callisthenics. This group of exercises not only work the muscle intended to be worked but by moving the entire body also burn more calories and encourage a stronger core.


#3 Overhead Press

One of the best ways to make your waist look smaller is to create an illusion with bigger shoulders. Not only will bigger shoulders create a smaller looking waist, but having mass surrounding the shoulder girdle is also extremely beneficial given the excessive mobility of the shoulder joint. More muscle means improved injury prevention.


#4 Classic plank

Anyone who is under the impression a minute isn’t a long time has obviously never done a plank! But seriously though, isometric training is the easiest and safest way to strength train. For best results, keep a straight position, ensuring the pelvis is tilted slightly forward and Feet should be positioned as if squeezing a playing card between them.


#5 Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Toned arms are certainly a coveted feature in both men and women alike. Bicep curls especially should be performed in a controlled manner being a more isolated lift. Ensure a full range of motion, fully extending the arm and keeping the elbow to the side of the torso.


#6 Medicine ball Russian twist

Sexy obliques are not something every girl would consider to be an important feature but a tight, toned midsection will not only have you looking bangin in your bikini but also helps protect your back and strengthens your pelvic floor. Perform these with feet up and crossed for a little more challenging alternative.


#7 Bent over rear delt fly

This one works to target the back of the shoulders, building a more shapely physique. Use a lighter weight for this one, pausing at the end of the range of motion for a second. Before descending in a manner a little slower than usual.


#8 Dumbbell Bench Press

This is essentially the reverse movement to a pushup. A strong chest is not only important in relation to keeping your assets looking as they should but again to maintain good posture and mobility. Bench press exists in many variations and may be slightly altered depending on which part of the chest is emphasized.


If you have questions on how to correctly do any of these moves, do not hesitate to ask any of our Planet Health staff for assistance! They are here to make sure you get the most out of your time.