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Does it Really Take 1 minute?

Does it Really Take 1 minute?

Seriously, 1 minute?

The following article from Women’s Health Magazine claims that 

Fact: It Only Takes One Minute of Intense Fitness to Get Results – BY ALEXANDRIA GOMEZ April 27, 2016

Prepare to do a happy dance: Turns out, all it takes is one minute of high-intensity training within a 10-minute workout to reap the benefits of your sweat session. (That’s less time than it takes most of us to put together a workout outfit…)

Amazing isn’t it? A study was carried out to prove it! Published in PLOS ONE, the study was carried out on 27 men who wouldn’t usually workout. They were then split into two groups

The first group did sprint interval training (SIT) sessions three times a week. They consisted of three 20-second ‘all-out’cycling efforts, each separated by two minutes of low-intensity cycling. The second group participated in three 45-minute moderate-intensity cycling training (MICT) sessions per week. Each workout began with a two-minute warm-up and three-minute cool-down, making the sessions 10 and 50 minutes respectively.

Incredibly the results showed that after 12 weeks both groups had lost the same percentage of body fat!! So time can never be an excuse for not working out. If you can workout really hard for 10 minutes you could potentially lose the same amount of weight as a 45 minute session.