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10 Tips from Planet Health Staff

10 Tips from Planet Health Staff

Getting healthy, staying fit, and building a workout regimen that you can stick to is tough, and it can definitely be a real challenge.

That is why our staff members here at Planet Health are sharing their health tips. These 10 items are what keep our team members healthy and in shape.


Gerard’s Tip:

“Give the skipping rope a try. It is a great cardio workout that can burn over 20 calories per minute. It is such an easy thing to add to your fitness routine too. I try to do at least 5 minutes of skipping rope before lifting weights. I’m working up to being able to do double jumps.”


Paul’s Tip:

“Consistency is key! No matter what type of workouts you are doing or what kind of diet you are on, staying consistent is the only way to achieve your goals. That is why it is best to start with simple things that you know you can follow through on.”


Joanna’s Tip:

“Set goals that you can actually achieve. When I first started working out, I expected myself to be able to do crazy amounts of cardio and lift super heavy weights, but it just isn’t possible. You have to set realistic goals that can actually be met. It keeps you from getting discouraged.”


Josh’s Tip:

“Sprint. Unless you are a marathon runner or training for one, you don’t need to go on endlessly long runs. Doing interval sprints is a much better way to work out.”


Colin’s Tip:

“Make a fitness plan that will actually work with your life. So many people join the gym and think they are going to hop out of bed and come work out before their commute, but they hate getting up early. It is never going to work. You need to add in your workouts in places where you have the time and motivation to get them done.”


Fiona’s Tip:

“Do your squats. That’s my health tip! Squats will make your butt look great, and since the glutes are such large muscles, it will burn a lot of calories to work them out.”


Sinead’s Tip:

“Ask for help if you need it. A lot of people are nervous or afraid to ask how to use a machine or if their form is good. That’s kind of what we are here for, right? We are more than happy to explain things and even help you figure out what exercise routine will be best for you. Ask us!”


Kris’s Tip:

“Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Everyone cheats now and again, especially at the holidays. So, don’t beat yourself up about it, but also don’t let one mistake be an excuse to totally throw your healthy lifestyle out the window. Tomorrow is a new day!”


Ashleigh’s Tip:

“Don’t expect the change to come all at once. Seriously, you can’t spend one day working out and then expect to have a perfect beach body. Getting in shape takes time and a lot of hard work, but if you stick with it, you will see an amazing change.”


Fiona’s Tip:

“Keep a fitness journal. It makes it easy to see the small changes over time, and it also helps hold you accountable for your choices. I’m visual, so I do a little chart, but really any kind of journal will work. There are even a ton of apps you can use with your phone.”

Our staff are dedicated to helping you reach all of your fitness goals, and they are happy to assist you in any way you need. Let Planet Health lead you to your best and healthiest life.